Periphery – Reptile (Off Hail Stan)

The new Periphery album came out last week. Named Hail Stan. It is really good. Really REALLY good. This band is pushing the genre of Prog to new levels. Yowza, this album is smokin…

UPDATE 5/2/19: This album is more than Really REALLY good. The album is a a freakin monster of a disc that is an absolute gem to listen to. DAMN is it good.

There have been some epic opening tunes to start some pretty epic albums: Battery, More Than A Feeling, Eruption, Baba O Riley, Come Together, Among The Living, Blackout, Dream In Blue… The list is endless.

“Hold my beer.” – Periphery on Hail Stan.

I would suggest you have a seat, maybe in your car so you can put your seatbelt on, throw some headphones on, and get ready to get launched into the next galaxy. This is a 16:43 ride like no opening tune ever. Strap it in and lets go.

but there is no let down, the next song is Blood Eagle…

This album is a Tour De Force of ground breaking Progressive Rock (Metal?).

Listen to the rest by going out and buying it.

2019 is shaping up to an epic year for epic albums in the Progressive Rock world.