#NowPlaying – Winter is back…

I get the top fixed on my car and now it is too cold out. No matter the weather, it is always good with good musak.

King’s X – Over My Head. Well, not just this song, but a lot of King’s X.

Black The Sky.



So, I like King’s X. You should as well. Okay, other thangs:

Go to the Audiotree live page at YouTube. Home to a wealth of interesting bands.

The End Of The Ocean – Jubilant.

Elephant Gym – Finger

Kelly Moran – Water Music.

Frost* – Milliontown. Maybe the greatest prog song ever written. Many think it is. This is off their album The Rockfield Files. BRILLIANT.

John Wesley – By The Light Of The Sun.

John Mitchell doing Phil Collins – Take Me Home.

ELO of course.

Big Wreck – A Million Days.

More to come…