#NowPlaying – Spring Sprung Addition

Getting warmer out. If I can get my convertible top down, these will be the songs/albums that will be on playing loudly and in heavy rotation in the next few weeks:

Stars – Alone. Found this band by accident. What a lovely accident.

This is the album of the year and I am saying that in April. Devin Townsend – Empath. Holy crap is this epic. Devin is just the maddest of all mad scientist musicians and this album is like an every changing Kaleidoscope.

In a very short period of time, John Mitchell has become one of my favorite artists. I discovered him about 5 years ago and damn I am glad. He is in a million bands it seems like. This is two songs off the third Lonely Robot album that is coming out April 26th. One of my favorite voices in music. And a damn fantastic guitar player as well.

The Now playing lists I post will have Electric Light Orchestra in it Until late July when my son and I go see Jeff Lynne in Chicago. Stranger:

Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense. My son watched the video for Once In A Lifetime at his bus stop. Said “Play it again.” He is hooked. BRILLIANT ALBUM AND MOVIE.

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers. Another song my son heard and likes. I love sharing music I loved when I was younger with my son and love it even more when digs it. Listening to a lot of PG lately.

The Breath – Let The Cards Fall. Lovely song, lovely video.

David Bowie – Blackstar. The entire album. His last powerful statement on this earth. Probably his most exploratory work in his career. He knew he was dying and wanted to leave this earth for another with this gift. Yes, my favorite David Bowie album.

King’s X – Out Of The Silent Planet. I purchased this album the day it came out at Hegewisch Records. I bought it because I liked the album cover. 1:37 seconds into this album, I was shot into a new realm of music that the earth never heard before. 3 gentlemen, drop D tuning, Beatles harmony on heavy riffs with incredible guitar, bass and drum playing. 3 insanely talented musicians created a masterpiece on their first release. 30 years old this month. Still blows my mind. A band on an epic scale and loved by thousands of musicians all around the world. Musicians that say they are the greatest band ever, but yet only a few have ever heard them. New album this year. PLEASE let this be the year KING’S X is finally heard by the masses.




Queensryche – The Verdict. Their best album since Empire.

Soen – Lotus. WOW. This band is growing into a monster group.

That is in for now. Some old, some new. If you hear anything you like: GO BUY IT!