#NowPlaying – All is right in the world edition.

Songs on repeat this week. Songs that provoke love, happiness and summer. Sun is out, top is down, time to smile and enjoy the ride.

Anathema – Dreaming light (and whole album We’re Here Because We’re Here). Lyrics. Wow. Yes. Beautiful.

Daniel Cavanagh – Some Dreams Come True. Stunningly beautiful.

Daniel Cavanagh – this Music. More stunning beauty.

Will T Massey – Summertime Graveyard. Looking at life a different way and there is nothing wrong with that. A beautiful look of something that most don’t see the beauty in. A graveyard?

Michael McDermott – Tell Tale Heart. Michael’s music makes me smile.

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Blue Rondo A La Turk. I listen to this tune at the start or summer. It is the start of summer. Listen to this tune.

Stick Figure – Smile on Faces. Smile…

OK, listen to that one again. If you are not smiling by the end of it, than you need a hug…

King’s X – It’s Love. It holds it all together.

Prince – Raspberry Beret. I consider this the greatest Pop song ever written.

If you are not smiling now, there may be no hope for you. But let’s keep trying….

Dan Reed Network – Rainbow Child. I thought my wife was going to have a girl. We had a boy. If we had girl, she would be my rainbow child. If you change the lyrics from she to he, it still works since my boy is my everything.

Not smiling yet? You don’t have a Rainbow Child in your life? OK, next…

Glen Burtnick – Crank It Up. In my opinion, this is the “Best driving tune on a beautiful day in a convertible” song. 1986. Wow. Still love this song.

Flying Colors – Lost Without You. My goodness the guitar solo on this song is one of my favorites. So fits the song perfectly. Not overplayed. Brilliant.

Hapa – Lei Manoa. One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

King’s X – Goldilox. This should have been the bands 1st single off their first album. If it was, their career may have been a lot different.

Jeremy Kay – Only One. Off the soundtrack of Step Into Liquid. This. Is. Summer. If you have not seen the movie Step Into Liquid and you like surfing or beautifully filmed beaches and waves, this is a must.

Joe Satriani – Always With Me, Always With You. An instrumental that hit the top 40? How can that be?!?!? It happened and it was good.

Kim Mitchell – Patio Lanterns. Another summer tune that is on an epic scale of smiling. Also from 1986. Yowza!

1986 may have been the most epic year for summer songs me thinks…

Van Halen – Why Can’t This Be Love. 1986.

Summer nights… 1986

Oh the heck with it, just listen to all of 5150 and take in all the summer glory of this album. HELLO BABY!!!

Mr. Big – Green-Tinted Sixties Mind. RIP Pat Torpey. Another song on my summer must listens.

Oh no you aren’t…you are not going to post up this next song from that band that Gordon Beckham loves (who)?

Yes, yes I am…

The Outfield – My Paradise. On my left, to my right, this is paradise! Lead singer and Bass player Tony Lewis is sporting my hair style from that era. People say I looked like him in this video.

Is all right in the world yet? I hope so. At this moment, at this time, it is for me.

Have a great weekend!