#NowPlaying – Humans I am listening to

Here are some bands I have been listening to lately. If you find you like them, please buy them directly from the artist:

The End of the Ocean – dreamy post-rock. Excellent band.


The Mercury Tree – An all over the road band that would be classified as post rock or progressive rock.


Quantum Pig (see review)

Gojira – Classified as Death metal for some unknown reason. Far from it. Their lyrics are not death metallish. Odd. Just a heavy rock/prog band with an insane drummer, look see:


Mir – Telegraph


Lebowski – Galactica A Polish post rock/Prog band that is amazing.


Pinn Dropp


Michael McDermott – A review of his newest album Orphans will be posted here soon. Make a note of it. It will be a confessional about how Michael is more than just a song writer and musician. He is an inspiration.


The Neal Morse Band – Legendary Prog rock from Neal Morse


Wess Meets West. Lovely post rock band. All their stuff is amazing, but one song is on repeat A LOT. The Mike Mandl remix of What Kind of Birds Are you. You can download it and the entire remix album here. GET IT, IT IS FREE, THEN BUY THE REST OF THEIR ALBUMS!!



Toska – More post rock. Yes, I am all over post rock. Have no idea why it is called post rock, don’t care, just love all the bands playing this style right now. I find that these bands, the majority without vocals, have more to say with their instruments than with their vocals. Lyrics are dull. Speak with your instruments!


That should keep you busy for awhile. If you like what you hear, buy it through the bands.

Auf Wiedersehen,