#All80s #Happy

I loved 80’s music so damn much. Still do. Take a trip back and listen to some tunes you may or may not have heard.

Andy Fraser – Fine Fine Line. Yeah, you never heard this one.

Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang – Dive. Chicago band. A huge band in the Chicago area for a while. Probably the greatest live band I have ever seen. The energy was incredible. Brad went on to find his faith. Years later, I was emailing Brad about seeing him at a church we visited and found out his father married my wife and I. Small world. Klem was a blast to watch live. His connected disconnect and groove on stage was always a blast to see. They did a song called Junebug that I need to get a copy of. It was a jumpin, rockin, groovin tune live. Sooooo good!

Genesis – Mama. OK, you heard this one. Genesis, Yes, Rush. All huge Progressive Rock bands make the move to a more pop orientated sound. I applauded this move.

Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey. I could not stop listening to this song and album. The album cover haunted me in my nightmares. You heard this one as well.

Gary Moore – Over The Hills And Far Away. Gary Moore, my goodness what a guitar player. RIP.

Blue Murder – Blue Murder. John Sykes, my goodness what a guitar player. Tony Franklin on bass and Carmine Appice on drums. Monster band. John Sykes was the guitar player that put Whitesnake into the platinum status with their self titled album, but left the band before the album came out and he was never in the videos. Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell were in the videos and and pretty much got credit for all the great riffs. Nope, John Sykes.

Whitesnake – Still Of the Night. Oh yeah, you heard this. Probably hated it as well. Nah, a lot of people liked this due to the video and Tawny Kitaen. That is John Sykes on the guitar (co-written by him as well). This is one bad ass guitar playing on this entire song. John kicked some serious ass on this album. hear that, that is not Vivian and Adrian, that is John Sykes.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Your Funeral, My Trial. Epic.

Talk Talk – Such A Shame. Groundbreaking band. Mark Hollis is the godfather of Post Rock. RIP Mark

Gary Myrick – When Angels kiss. Oh, that 80’s cheese. But I loved the guitar playing on this, especially the outro solo that fads away way too fast.

Jeff Healey – Angel Eyes. You know him from the movie Road house as the house band. Man or man could he play.

Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line. Mick Jones. Off an incredible album.

The Clash – Rock The Casbah. This video blew MTV up. The Clash went mainstream. The music world changed to the video world officially.

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime. Pre MTV. One of the greatest bands to ever walk this earth. David Byrne is a freakin national treasure.

IRON FREAKIN MAIDEN – Powerslave. This entire album is a damn masterpiece.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Rush – Tai Shan. Off Hold Your Fire. My favorite Rush album. Yes, I am that guy that likes a bands least favorite album the most. No, not really the least favorite Rush Album, but the start of their journey into a more pop sound. That didn’t sit well with many.

The Fixx – Secret Separation. I could play this song on every instrument. So simple, but so damn catchy. One quote from the comment section: “I will love this song till I’m no more.” Yep.

XTC – Senses Working Overtime. XTC. Another incredible band. Check out all their remixed albums by Steven Wilson.

There are too many great songs from XTC to post. What a band. Even their songs from more recent are incredible. sorry, not from the 80’s, but XTC is too good to not post more about…. 1999. Green Man off Apple Venus Volume 1. A BRILLIANT ALBUM.

Back to the 80’s…

David + David – Welcome to the Boomtown. Oh my. Fantastic tune.

Art of Noise – Moments in Love. Epic.

Oh, so much more to post. This may be a thing here.