I am Brian Dykes. I am a father to Calvin, and husband to Barbra.

My paying gig is Information Technology: Enterprise Vault, Backup Exec, Data Insight, Clearwell, Discovery Accelerator, Veeam, Information Map, and other exciting technologies.

I used to do photography as a side business for a short while. I was pretty OK at it I guess. It was short lived, only about two years, but fun. I gave it up to have a child with my wife. I was happy to replace photography with Calvin and seeing my wife be a mother. Calvin is amazing. Barb is an amazing mother.

I still take snaps, but time is scarce and I have much more important things to do. If I do take photos, they are 90% of Calvin. He is starting to learn the art as well and I have found it is more fun watching him do it than me actually do it.

If you see this guy in the photo below and has a camera on his waist, that is me and the camera is being held by a SPIDER HOLSTER. I want to be their first Amateur Ambassador. If you buy a Spider Holster because of me, let them know.

About the Site

Project 50mm f1.8.

For one year, I am carrying my Canon 70d, Canon 50mm f1.8, a neutral density filter and a Spider Holster and taking photos. Posting in the 50mm f1.8 gallery with minimum edits, mostly using Canon Picture Styles in the Camera, then uploaded to my iPhone and then to the site.

If you want to see older art I have done, click on the “Old” link in the menu.