Name: Brian Dykes
Age: AARP age.
Occupation: Husband, Father, I.T. professional,  and sometimes photographer.
Interests: My wife, my son, photography, music, sports.

Life Highlights: Marrying my wife, having our beautiful son, and everything else that happens with those two. Playing Pebble Beach more than once. Watching my son hit a golf ball for the first time. Watching him skate for the first time, watching him run the bases for the first time. Seeing him make his 1st par during his 1st round of golf.

Photography highlights: Documenting my son’s 1st years of his life in great detail. Working with Garfield Park Conservatory on my 1st photography gig. Having my first published photo be with the Chicago White Sox. Having my photographs published in 4 nationally distributed magazines and one Chicago newspaper. Working with many wonderful people to create photographs that made them smile.

About the site: New in 2016. Simple setup. Photo page, bio, then a blog page. No photos or work posted from before March 1st, 2016. Photos shot with a Canon 70d using Canon’s built in Picture Styles. Photos downloaded from camera via wireless to iPhone then uploaded to site without edits. Lenses: Canon 200mm f2.8. Canon 50mm f1.8, Canon 24mm f2.8. All held on my waist by the incredible Spider Holster.

About Blue Echoes Photography: BEP closed officially in 2010. I stopped taking photography gigs because we had our amazing son. I would much rather spend time with him. Every once in a while, I will do a gig for a friend or if I found time. I may do more in the near future but only if I get my chops up to speed again. When I did do gigs, I pretty much shot everything (From weddings and senior photos, to sports and marketing). If you need a photographer for something, click the email link below. I can share some of my past work with you if you’d like, just click on that link and talk story with me. You can follow me on twitter @BlueEchoesPhoto.

About the name Blue Echoes: It is a name I thought of the first time I saw the green and blue colors of the water in the Keys and the sound a palm tree makes in the wind.